Bulletin 2016/01/31

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Bulletin 2016/01/31

Category : Data Governance

We are just starting a new year with a high sensitivity on Data. I was last week performing in Brussels my  lesson on Data governance and data quality for a local administration.

What a route ahead we’re facing, what a work to disseminate the right methodologies that will enable organizations to make this consolidation work on data referential!

  • History is there, important, but quality is very low due to heritage of oldish systems on which control processes were too light
  • Expectation is enormous to enable creation of value out of these data. Information technology has moved forward in the SOA direction. That’s very good news, but Data Governance is late

What a great satisfaction with this seminar to get great concentration and interest of attendees. In the end, in just few days, one can get needed tools. The remaining down the road is important, but within several years, lets say 5, we’ll see how far we’ve been. Let bet on this!